False Adults live shows!

Just a quickie to let y’all know about a couple of live shows your favourite nerdcore* cru have coming up:

  • Friday 25th August – Corner House – Cambridge
    supporting Charmpit, The Potentials & General Waste
  • Wednesday 18th October – Portland Arms – Cambridge
    to be announced

See y’all there, yeah?

(*are we “nerdcore”? Answers on a postcard…)


Here’s an equation for you:

(MCiPod + Dronic)LXE = False Adults

Having previously collaborated on the “I’ve Wondered Sometimes, Whether I Could be a Rapper” mixtape – as well as a couple of live gigs – myself (MC iPod) and Dronic, as well as producer LXE, figured we may as well have a collective name if we’re gonna keep doing stuff together. Thus, False Adults was born.

Expect way more collaborative stuff from us in the future.

False Adults: this is just the beginning…