I’ve been performing as “MC iPod” for over ten years now. Meanwhile, the past couple of years have seen MC Dronic (David) and producer LXE (Alex) working on bedroom beats and rhymes, but not doing anything live.

January 2017: David drove me to a gig in Peterborough and I made him be my “hype man” on stage. Mostly yelling “YO” but it was a start and, more importantly, it was fun.

One thing lead to another and we ended up playing Cambridge’s Strawberry Fair in June as “MC iPod x Dronic”, doing a mix of my tracks, David’s, and a couple we’d worked on together. A month later we ended up doing a headline show with more collaborative efforts, and Alex joining us on stage (in charge of playback, live keys, and sample triggers). Again, it was a load of fun and we all figured we may as well do more stuff together, under some sort of collaborative name and, thus, False Adults were born.

– Ian, August 2017