Year One

We formed in 2017. In 2017 we released a mixtape and two seasonal singles with B-sides. Do you know what would be good? A handy compilation of all of that.

We agree.

Presenting Year One.

2018 News, Yo

Word. Happy February. We’re back with some news for y’all!

For starters, we’ve got a couple of gigs coming up. First is MC iPod’s “birthday” gig (which is a few days before my actual birthday, but whatevs) on 24th February, and we’ve also gone and been selected for the Cambridge Band Competition! Full details of all of that are on the live shows page but, in a nutshell, 24th Feb and 3rd March; gigs in Cambridge!

We’ve been working on the album. Fingers crossed it sees the light of day in 2018 but we’ll see. Expect new songs at the live shows though!

See you soon, yeah?

iPod x

Happy Christmas, here’s a new song

Yup. Following on from our Halloween/Friday the 13th seasonal single, here’s our Christmas cut, What’s in the Box?

The B-side is a False Adults redux of the MC iPod solo classic I Wanna Be a Pro Wrestler.

It should be live on iTunes/Spotify/etc next week.