Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question for Pro Wrestling EAST? Have a look here and see if it’s already been answered!

Q: Who the hell do you think you are?

A: Pro Wrestling EAST was started at the end of 2019 by lifelong wrestling fans Tom Simkins, Chris Mitchell, and myself, Ian Perry; and we ran our first show February 2020. Y’know, right before Covid hit. We re-emerged February 2022. During 2022, Chris left the team (we still love him) and Tom and I own and operate the company to this day.

Whilst none of us had any prior experience of running a wrestling promotion, Tom briefly trained as a wrestler several years ago – before embarking on a career as a broadcaster – and I’ve got two decades of event running experience.

Q: How do I get booked for Pro Wrestling EAST?

A: There’s no hard and fast way to get booked. Please send some recent match/promo footage to prowrestlingeast AT gmail DOT com and when we find ourselves with slots that need filling we’ll check it out. Email is preferable to social media DM, as it’s easier for us to keep stuff together and not lose it.

We only run four shows a year though, and tend to have story arcs that run over multiple shows – thus requiring the same talent to be booked on multiple shows – so we genuinely don’t have that many vacant positions. Please don’t take it personally if we don’t have space for you, we just really don’t have many spots going. Trust me, there have been many amazing, talented, performers we’ve wanted to book but just didn’t have space for.

Q: I’m a referee / announcer / commentator / etc and I’d love to work for you. Can I?

A: Realistically? Probably not. We’ve got people for these roles already, as well as back ups. I know that sounds harsh, but we don’t want anyone to get their hopes up unnecessarily! By all means get in touch, but please appreciate that these roles very rarely need to be filled.

Q: Do you have a training school?

A: Nope, we just run shows. If you want a recommendation though, PlayFight London is fabulous. Closer to home, the Square One Academy in Hitchin trains many of the talented performers you see on our shows.

Q: We’re a band. Wanna use our music?

A: We’re always looking for music we can use for wrestler entrances as well as hype videos. If you think you’ve got something suitable – and you’re willing and able to whitelist our Youtube channel – please email prowrestlingeast AT gmail DOT com.

Q: Can I come and help out at a show?

A: As a general rule, no. We’ve got ample people to set up and run a show, and pay people to do things like steward or take tickets, to ensure a professional and safe job is done. Occasionally we’ll make exceptions when a wrestler on the show asks if they can bring a fellow wrestler with them, but only if we’ve agreed it in advance.

Q: Any plans to run more than four shows a year?

A: Nah.

Q: Any plans to run anywhere other than Cambridge?

A: No. Further to that, we’ve no plans to run a different venue, let alone a different city. Storey’s Field Centre is our home and is an amazing venue. We’d be foolish to go elsewhere!

Q: OMG those belts look amazing! Who made them?

A: Thanks. Noah Elliott designed them and Paul Martin brought them to life.

Q: Speaking of your belts, if you’re so inclusive why do you have gendered divisions?

A: Fair question. We wanted Pro Wrestling EAST to replicate ‘real’ sports, which is why we have both a “men’s” and a “women’s” division. We always ensure that the divisions are referred to as such, as it is certainly not inclusive to have a “PWE Champion” and a “PWE Women’s Champion”. Our tag team ranks are open to anyone of any gender, and someone who doesn’t identify as male or female would be welcome in whichever singles division they saw fit.

Q: I’ve read that and I still have a question. What’s the best way to contact you?

A: prowrestlingeast AT gmail DOT com please.