PWE The Music: Vol. 1 CD


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We’ve partnered with our friends at Conchairto Records to create PWE The Music: Vol. 1! A fourteen track CD of music as used by your favourite PWE stars. This album is ONLY available on CD and won’t be available on Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp, etc. The only way to hear it is to buy one from here or from PWE shows.

  1. Pro Wrestling EAST Main Theme “E.A.S.T.” by LXE
  2. Frank Fiott “Fawning” by Goldbume
  3. Sanj Surati “Chug the Bug” by Anonymous Tip
  4. Charli Evans “Live in Dread, Girl” by ghosts of sadako
  5. Kyle Fletcher “Aim High” by Lay it on the Line
  6. Peter Nixon “Old School Expulsion 2020” by Portland Big Ones
  7. Will Kroos “The Headline” by Boy Took Flight Productions
  8. RJ Singh “Singh is King” by Chris Bevan previously unreleased
  9. Beau Belles “The Last One Out” by Lay it on the Line
  10. Truman Roswell “Know Me” by LXE
  11. Scotty Rawk “Gatur” by ORPHVN previously unreleased
  12. UK Pitbulls “Pitbulls on Parade” by Dynamite and Dinosaurs
  13. Jetta “Nobody Does it Jetta” by Boy Took Flight Productions
  14. Out of the Ashes Show Theme “Phoenix” by Phinius Gage

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