Safeguarding Policy

Pro Wrestling EAST take the health, safety and well-being of our performers, staff and customers very seriously.

Since our inception, safeguarding has been important to us. Below are some of the measures we have always had in place:

  1. Using a City Council-run venue which has its own set of risk assessments and safeguarding procedures
  2. Experienced SIA badged security professionals who are on-site and visible during our events
  3. Fully trained medical staff
  4. Other operational support provided via event stewards and a cashier

All of the above are freelancers who are not connected with the wrestling business in any way and are paid to come in and perform a job. We sincerely hope that if any issues were to ever arise – and you were not comfortable talking to someone connected to the wrestling industry – you’d be comfortable talking to one of these people, or someone from the venue.

The three of us who run Pro Wrestling EAST are always available should we be needed. Even if the show is in progress, matters of health, safety and well-being are of paramount importance to us. 

Going forward, we would like to be able to contribute and share in an open dialogue between our fellow promoters, where we can identify the names of individuals who are to be barred from attending our respective events. This list would include performers, fans, trainers, coaches and anyone who – for whatever reason – would contribute to an unsafe environment. 

Before shows we circulate a list of everyone involved – at all levels – to the performing talent. This will inform them of who will be refereeing, who will be supplying the ring, who will be ringside taking photographs and more. We hope this will allow them the opportunity to point out any problematic people we may have missed, so we can remove them ahead of the show. We do not want anyone in the building whose very presence may serve to make others uncomfortable. Furthermore, everyone involved with the production of our events is over the age of 18. We do not work with anyone – be they a performer or otherwise – who is under this age.

British wrestling should be a community where we all strive to be better, and we can’t do that without engaging and collaborating with others within the industry.

In closing, if and when we resume with any Pro Wrestling EAST activities, we sincerely hope that anyone attending our events – be it as a fan, member of staff, or performer – feels completely safe from the moment they arrive to the moment they leave.  As previously mentioned; if anything, however small, makes you feel uncomfortable please raise it either with us, our freelance staff or with the venue.